The Family

The Family

Monday, May 9, 2011

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

We got our
consulate appointment!!!!!!!!

Can you tell that I am excited!!!!???????

The Chinese consulate granted us our first choice so the official date is May 19th.  That means I might be leaving as soon as this Thursday to go get our son and bring him


If I leave this Thursday I will get there on Friday, pick him up Saturday, fly from Beijing to Guangzhou on Sunday, have his medical appt on Monday, get the TB results (yes they need to do that test again!) on Wednesday and then have our appt on Thursday.  We can then get his visa on Friday and fly out from Hong Kong on Saturday morning.  There aren't any evening flights from Hong Kong to the US unfortunately.  That would put us back home on Sunday night.

Please keep praying that all this planning continues to go well.  The agency is even trying to see if the orphanage will take him ahead of time for his TB test which would knock off a few days for me in country which would be great!

Pray we can get the flight I need, as a lot of them were already starting to fill up and I can't book until tomorrow when we learn whether he will have his TB test before I get there or not.

Pray too that the prices don't go UP!  We are already looking at a lot of money out of pocket for my ticket and extra still for Gideon's as well.

Pray that our boy is safe until I arrive, and is still excited about coming home to his new family!

Pray that the time we spend together in China will be well spent--- good bonding time!

Thanks to you all who have followed us on this incredible journey!  The hard part is almost over and the fun is about to begin.  Thanks for hanging in there for this ride!!

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