The Family

The Family

Saturday, May 21, 2011

We're HOME!

Praise God!  Gideon and I touched down on American soil and he officially became a United States Citizen at 12:50pm today in Detroit, Michigan! It has been a long day, and with delays and missing a flight, we traveled for over 20 hours with only a few teeny naps in between.  So I am pretty tuckered out, but I just wanted to let everyone know that we arrived safely, greeted by a wonderful crowd of friends at the airport. 

We were so grateful for them coming to meet us and bringing balloons and posters and taking pictures so we can remember this great day.  We feel so loved and supported, and although I know he was-- and still is-- a little overwhelmed by all of this, I am sure he feels the love from our family and friends too.

I will post more about our homecoming tomorrow!

Welcome Home Gideon!!

First Family Photo


  1. Wonderful Janice, congratulations to all of your family, especially young Gideon! Looking forward to hearing more! - Andrea

  2. Dear Janice and family, my husband Doug sent me the link to your blog. We live in Mooresville and have a 15 year old son from China. Doug heard about you from a friend of a friend I guess you would say, someone who works at a tooling company in Salisbury that his company does business with. We brought our son Zane home in 2009 when he was 13. He is such a joy! Our website is
    so you can "see" us. God bless your family as you begin this wonderful part of your journey in life.