The Family

The Family

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hi Again From China!

Hi Everyone!
Just wanted you all to know that Gideon and I are doing great!  Had our consulate appointment today and everything went smoothly!  Unless of course you count the fact that I was blubbering the whole time from the oath onward!!  Everyone there was very happy to FINALLY see us and congratulated us on completing the process after the big TB setback.  The people there were so helpful to us and our agency and we are so grateful.
Afterwards we went for a swim in the pool today at the hotel, or more like I did.  Gideon got in and out fairly quickly shivering and saying that it was way to cold!  heehee!
We shopped around on the island for awhile, grabbing a Starbucks and some "big brother"  "little sister" and "mama" t shirts and an early anniversary present for my husband-- actually not early, our 16th wedding anniversary is tomorrow!  What a great gift for the both of us for me to be bringing our 6th child home with me the day after!!
Dinner was so much fun!!  We went across the street to the Banana Leaf Thai restaurant and had a wonderful meal and enjoyed some music and fun dancing!  Their entertainment was just that- quite entertaining!  Between them singing selections from Lady Gaga and the Eagles I felt quite at home.  I think Gideon thought I was crazy as he saw me singing along!
Tomorrow we get his Visa and then get to tour around Guangzhou a bit with our guide.  Then it is up bright and early at 4:30 on Saturday morning to take the van to Hong Kong and head home!  This whole trip has been a whirlwind so far and is moving still at breakneck speed!  I have grown to really love this country and the plus side of all of this, if there was one, was that I got to return for a second time.  Who knows, maybe again someday in the future!  For now I am trying to soak in every minute and enjoy it before my time here is gone.
Can't wait to get home though!  I miss my other kids already and haven't been able to skype with them at all because of the time difference and our commitments thus far.  Hopefully tomorrow so Gideon can say hi to his siblings!  They are SO excited to see him!!
That is the update for now!  Thanks again to everyone for your prayers!

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  1. Oh Janice, I am so EXCITED for you!!

    Crying tears of joy as I read your posts!!

    Happy Anniversary to you and your husband! What an AWESOME anniversary gift/blessing you have received!

    Have a wonderful couple of says left in China and sending blessings your way.

    Michael's Momma