The Family

The Family

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Time is Flying By....

and we still don't have our babies.  :(

BUT.... we did get some encouraging news recently!  The country where they are located is accepting dossiers again and will hopefully start issuing travel appointments in December for people like us who have been submitted for what seems like an eternity.

However, we still need for that special needs list to be approved before we can go.  If it isn't approved in December, at least we KNOW we can travel in January, because our daughter will turn 5 then, and after that it doesn't matter anymore.  YEAH!

Continued prayers for the whole situation, and mostly for the kids while they wait, are always appreciated.  We know that God is strengthening our resolve and patience through this situation.  We know that everything is done in HIS timing, not ours.  We know that there is a reason that we will go when we go, whenever that is, even though we might never know what that reason is.  Everything in this life happens for a reason, and is part of His plan.  We have to trust and find solace in that.

So as the time goes on, we try not to dwell on the fact that we are not there NOW.  We take each day as it comes and are busying ourselves with life which is always bustling in the Rowe home!

Most of our kids have recently completed their soccer tournaments.  It has been an exciting past couple of weeks around here with all the playoffs!!  The only ones left playing still are Evan and Gideon who just beat a great team tonight with a 2-1 win!  On to the last game of the season tomorrow..... let's see if they can win the championship!

Georgia had her soccer party tonight and received her trophy.  She did so well for her first year playing and she loved it!  We are very proud of all our kids and the great jobs they have done this season!

This weekend the kids are gearing up for another fun 5k run with their Dad!  It is the annual Santa Scramble 5k held every year right before the Concord Christmas Parade.  All the kids are running in this one and cannot wait!

I myself am headed out of town this weekend, leaving Dad to tend the troops on their own.  *smirk*      
My sister-in-law is expecting her first baby early next year and her baby shower is this weekend!  Yeah!  I am co-hosting so off I go for a girly couple of days.  I am sad to miss their 5k, but I am sure Daddy will send me pictures and updates!!

We are also coming up on Thanksgiving week soon and we will be hosting the family and some friends at our house this year which should be lots of fun!  There will be 12 kids here at the Rowe house so look out!!  :)

We will definitely take time to count our many blessings, as I hope you will as well.  God has richly blessed our family and continues to do so, and we are grateful beyond measure.

In the words of W.T. Purkiser......

"Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our thanksgiving"

What an amazing thing to remember at this time of year.  Be grateful for those blessings He bestows upon you, and USE them in a way that will make Him pleased that He bestowed them on you in the first place.

Happy Fall everyone, and Happy Thanksgiving!!