The Family

The Family

Sunday, May 29, 2011

It Has Been A Week Already!

I simply cannot believe that a week has gone by already since we brought Gideon home!  Time really does fly, but already it seems like he has always been here.  He has settled in marvelously and I cannot emphasize enough what a sweet, funny boy he is turning out to be!

He really makes me laugh-- a lot-- every day!  He has such a full and vibrant personality.  SO different from the quiet, reserved boy Evan and I first met when we traveled to China in January.

He is doing so well with trying to learn English too, and he loves teaching us the word for something in Chinese when we tell him the word for it in English.  I wish my brain was younger and better so I could really remember all he is teaching me! 

We have had a full week for sure, but a fun one.  We have rollerskated, been to church a few times, gone to friends' houses for fun and fellowship, eaten out, played soccer, ridden bikes and so much more.  He loves the Wii and the computer too.

It has really been such a joy to have him home with us!  Words truly cannot express how grateful we are to finally have him here.  The kids have all told me how glad they are to have him as a brother, and I hope that love continues to grow. 

I am sure there will be challenges, he is a teenager after all..... and he already loves to tell me "NO!" when there is something he doesn't want to do.  But he is a great kid, and I hope he will enjoy having us as his new family as much as we look forward to many years with him as our son.

Below are a few pictures from our week.  Gideon got to practice soccer with Evan and his teammates yesterday, as well as have a little practice on Thursday with Grayson and Evan too.  He has a great foot!  Can't wait to see him playing in the Fall on Evan's team!! 

Soccer loving brothers!

Gideon is FAST and has a great foot!

And here are some pictures from today when everyone was all gussied up for church...

Had a hard time getting him to pose for this one!  After all, girls are YUCKY!  But they were all in their red, white and blue and I couldn't resist!

Hope everyone has a safe and fun
Memorial Day Weekend!!!

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