The Family

The Family

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Well of course it would happen that I leave the house and our agency calls!  But hey, I'll take any news, any time they want to give it right?

FINALLY the CDC has decided to approve our letter from the state health department!  Praising God big time right now!  They sent it on to Guangzhou and our agency thinks that we should hear back from the Chinese consulate with dates by Friday at the latest.  So, Lord willing, I could be on a plane and China-bound by sometime next week!  Gives me shivers to even contemplate it.  It has been a long time coming and we are ready to have our boy home. 

It should have been months ago that we introduced him to his new dad and brothers and sisters.  It should have been months ago that we showed him his new room.  It should have been months ago that he was introduced to our church family and told by them how earnestly they have been praying for his arrival.  It should have been, but it wasn't.  Maybe now, finally, we can count down the days until we can.

God's timing is always perfect.

Can't wait to give my big boy a huge hug and tell him how much I missed him.  I wish Evan could go with me again too, he misses him a lot. 

I hope Gideon remembers me when I get there!! :)

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  1. Somehow I don't think he will have forgotten his MOMMY!