The Family

The Family

Thursday, September 27, 2012

At The Park...

While waiting for two of my older children who were at speech class, we decided to head to the nearby park, first to do some math with my two younger ones, but then to PLAY!!

It was a beautiful day here today!  Very warm and sunny, so we decided to take full advantage of the gorgeous weather.

Charlotte LOVED being able to climb up to all the fun stuff by herself because this park was equipped with a ramp!  Very cool!  And she adored the swings....  see for yourself  :)

Look Mom, I can walk up here all by myself!!

It isn't fun if you're not getting a little dirty right??  ;)

Ok, I'm ready... watch me FLY!

Such smiles and JOY!!

She really loved the swing... and climbing through the tunnel too.

Poor little man Atticus is still recovering from an ear infection, so he was not his usual happy self this afternoon.  Plus it was naptime.  But would you look at this hand-on-hip picture I got of him and that look he is giving me!!  ;)  
As if to say-- "no pictures today mom!"

After all this fun we were headed for home and a couple of much needed naps.  It was a great afternoon!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Update on Charlotte!

I just wanted to let everyone know that our little Charlotte Rose had her surgery for strabismus this past Friday Sept 21st and all went well!  She was such a trooper!  She is such a bubbly little people-person anyway, going to the hospital and being surrounded by strange nurses and doctors was just one more chance for her to chat it up with someone new!

We arrived around 9:45 in the morning and went into the back to get prepped.  Upon our arrival there were all kinds of goodies waiting for her on her bed..... a monkey, some crayons and stickers, a coloring book and a special OR cap.  The nurses were all so friendly and sweet with her!  They turned on a show for her to watch, brought her a Nintendo DS for her to play with and showered her with all kinds of attention  :)  Which she loved, of course!

After meeting briefly with the anesthesiologist and our doctor, Dr Brown, we were ready to go, and the nurses gave her some meds to calm her... which she didn't really need.  She was calm as could be!

She drank down the medicine like a champ and within minutes my baby was sooooo loopy!  Poor thing.  She went from bubbly and talkative to a little lump on a log, just sitting there with her head propped up on the pillow, not talking at all but still smiling a lot!

I had been so strong up until this point because she was doing SO well.  No tears, no problems at all.  But then, as she was lying there in her drugged-up state, not talking at all, I leaned over to kiss her and she whispered "I love you Mommy" and I just lost it.  I couldn't help but cry.  She was fine and I knew everything was going to be ok, but I still couldn't help it.  It was so sweet and so sad at the same time.

The surgery did end up going just as planned, thank God.  The first moments in recovery and the drive home were certainly nothing I would like to repeat though.  She was screaming and crying, trying to rub her eyes which you should not do, and telling me how much her eyes hurt.  I felt so bad for her!

But soon after we got home, things started to improve.  She opened her eyes, had a good lunch, took a good nap and then woke up wanting to play on the ipad with her sister  :)

Ever since then she has been doing remarkably well.  No infection, thank goodness, and she is leaving her eyes alone and letting them heal. She is a trooper about the eye gel that I have to put in them every day three times a day, and she is not in any pain.  Yeah!!!!

And, the best thing is, her eyes look GREAT!  Still no telling as to whether she will eventually need another surgery.  Sometimes it takes multiple surgeries to get the eyes to stay straight.  But for now, all is good.

Amazing to see how much better my little sweetie looks now, and what proper care and a little love can do!!

From this.......

To this!!!!

My sweet, funny, smart and happy girl!  We love you!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

A Challenge!!!

Our FSP on Reece's Rainbow has gradually been climbing up, up, UP and we are SOOOOOO grateful!  Every dollar is like us being one step closer to our children waiting for us over in Eastern Europe!!!

Well, we are at $3801 right now, and personally I love even numbers.  SO, I would LOVE to see this number rounded to an even $4000.  That's not so much more right?  Only $199 and we will be there!

So tonight I am offering an incentive.  Anyone who donates to our FSP today, as long as we hit or break the $4000 mark by midnight, will be entered into a drawing for a beautiful Mom's necklace!!  It is a lovely silver disc engraved with your children's names, and a small heart on there too with the initial of your choice.  Beautiful!!  It is from Baltic Hope Gifts and you can see more of their work here...

Here is a picture of the necklace you might win just for helping us reach our goal today!!.......

Lovely isn't it????

So all you need to do to have a chance at winning a lovely personalized necklace like this one is to make a donation to our FSP.  That link is on the top right of our blog.  I hope to see the round number of $4000 by midnight tonight!!!!  Thank you and good luck!!!!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Still Fundraising For Our Adoption!

Still trying to fundraise like fiends!!  And we have ANOTHER MATCHING GRANT out there!  This time for $500!!  Every little dollar, five dollars, etc adds up BIG TIME!

People, you just make my heart melt.  Thank you for all the generosity, the support and the prayers!  We WILL make this work!  We WILL get these kids home.

If you are able to help, even the tiniest bit, please click on our FSP button on the top right of my blog. Or you can just click HERE. It will take you to the same donate button on Reece's Rainbow.  You can donate with Paypal or you can mail in a check with ROWE in the memo line.  Either way you will be helping us get our two beautiful teens home where they long to be.

Just look at these words from our precious girl who visited with us here in the US this summer and is anxiously waiting for us to fly over and bring her HOME.......

"Hello my family!
I miss you, I want to see Atticus and the others.
When I came to Ukraine I couldn`t sleep for two days. I performed on the first September.
I love you!
Love you as angel loves God
Love you as light loves dawn
Love you and I`m gonna love you forever
And you me…"

And this one..........

"Hello papa!
How are you? I miss you! I want to see you and the others very much! I love all of you! O love you VERY much! You are all very beautiful!
I love you!"

Just makes me want to cry.  We miss them both so very much.

So thank you, thank you, thank you to all those who have helped us continue along on this journey.  Time is short and as with most things, money is in high demand for everyone, so we appreciate you giving yours for the benefit of others.  We appreciate your generosity and your help so much!

We pray that our travel date is getting closer.  Pray with us that our financial need is met, that our kids are kept safe until our arrival and that it is SOON!!  

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Blessings Abound!

Well it happened so quickly that I didn't even get to post about it here on my blog!  Yesterday we were offered a matching grant of $900 from an amazing family with a desire to help us bring those two sweet kids home to our family!!  AND yesterday, in less than 5 short hours, that matching grant was met!!  Yes!  In FIVE HOURS!!!  My husband and I were floored.  Amazed.  Blessed.  So quickly that outpouring of love came, and that need was met.  We are so grateful!!!

Yet it makes me feel ungrateful that we have to ask for more.  I wish I didn't have to.  I wish, like most adoptive families, that we just had the money lying around somewhere just waiting to pay for this adoption.

But we, like those other families, don't.  Most people who are out there flying across oceans to adopt these orphans don't have $20,000 or more socked away somewhere.  But they do have a love in their hearts for these lost children.  They, like us, do have room in their hearts and their homes for more, but don't have the finances to do it alone.

So please, even though our grant has been matched, please continue to PRAY for our family's fundraising efforts, and donate if you can to our FSP on Reece's Rainbow.  The link to that is in the upper right hand corner of this blog.

 Please also go to our Facebook auction HERE to bid on a variety of wonderful items!

We still have a long way to go, and a short time to get there.  The days are clicking by, which is great because that means we are one day closer to hugging and kissing these precious kiddos again.  But it also means we are one day closer to needing ALL the money to travel.

A HUGE thank you to all who have helped us so far.  It really does mean more than you know.  In all of our adoptions our faith has been renewed and strengthened by the outpouring of love we have experienced from others.  God has truly shown us in so many ways, the love of His people and their concern for His children- wherever they might be.

There is a great need in this world to find loving families for hundreds of thousands of orphans.... in almost every country.  We are trying to step up to do what we can, what we feel God would want us to do, to aid that need.  We thank you for your support and help in enabling us to complete this adoption and do His will in our lives.  Again, it truly means a lot to us.  And more than that, it means the world to these children.

They will have a Mama and a Papa again.  They will know love.  I promise you that.

Thank you!

Monday, September 3, 2012

We Were Submitted Today!!

What a happy morning for our family!!!  We found out that our dossier was SUBMITTED to the powers that be in our children's country!!  Now to wait for that important phone call giving us our appointment date!!  According to our facilitator and our stateside coordinator, we should be ready to travel in about 5-6 weeks! WOW!! That is really SOON!

While we are very happy about this news it also brings with it some worry.  Of the monetary kind.  You see, for our last two adoptions we had a bit more security-- a cushion.  Both our son from China and our two children from Eastern Europe had grants already in place for their adoption.  Substantial ones.  These two children don't have any funding for them already in place.  And being that we just returned from EE in May, neither do we.

This adoption is truly another step out in faith for us, and we are prepared to watch again as God provides as he has done so mightily and generously before, for HIS children.  These orphans are HIS children.  All of our children are.  We are here to take care of them and raise them in a way that would be pleasing unto HIM while we live this short life here on this earth.  And that is what we aim to do.

We have already seen the blessings pouring forth!!!  Here are some examples....

The amazing families that give to the Sacred Selections grant ministry have blessed us with a $4000 grant!!  We are SO thankful for that and them!!!!!

The people at Reece's Rainbow have allowed us to set up an FSP account as we had done with our last adoption.  So far $370 has been donated to that account for us by others wanting to help!!!  Thank you!!

Donating to our FSP is tax deductible and very easy to do, either via Paypal or by mailing a check with our name in the memo line.  There is now a direct link to our FSP on the top of the sidebar of this blog page.  Please click on it and DONATE if you feel lead to do so.  We would be so grateful!

I have set up an online Facebook auction which is already up and running and receiving bids!!!   It is open to everyone, so if you have a Facebook account, please click on the following link and bid, bid, BID on some goodies!  There is everything from children's toys to jewelry to photography packages and more!!!
Go here to check it out!!

There is hopefully more fundraising to come....... like a Thirty-One Gifts online show, and more.  So stay tuned, and thank you for your prayers and your support as we journey to Eastern Europe one more time to bring home two precious blessings to our family!