The Family

The Family

Monday, June 25, 2012

Are You Their Family??

“We learned that orphans are easier to ignore before you know their names. They are easier to ignore before you see their faces. It is easier to pretend they’re not real before you hold them in your arms. But once you do, everything changes.” 
 Radical by David Platt.

I know I have posted this quote before, probably a few times, but it bears repeating because it is SO true.

This post is to advocate for a couple children that I met while in Ukraine, and a couple that others have met while there too.  These children NEED FAMILIES.  Firstly, they are hoping to come to the US this year for a hosting program in Raleigh, NC and they need families to commit to host them for a few weeks.  They will arrive in the US late on July 20th and depart on August 12th.  In between there will be activities planned for them like the beach, lake, and zoo trips, as well as English lessons, Bible lessons, and community days to allow the children to meet potential families for adoption.  

Because ultimately, they need permanent families.... adoptive families to love these children and give them the chance that they deserve at a normal, happy, healthy life.  A life in a home, not on the streets.  A life where they will be loved and cared for, not used, abused and forgotten.

If you would like more information on these children below, please contact me directly and I can put you in touch with the facilitators of the hosting program.  You DO NOT have to live in the Raleigh area to host.  These children just need placement with families who will introduce them to others in hopes of finding a family, and give them some fun summer experiences along the way.  These children are amazing.  Please don't let their ages scare you.  I have met Vova and Luda personally and have gotten to experience their warm smiles, their sweet hugs, their radiant smiles....... their appreciation for any and all attention and affection.  They want a family.  Badly.  Could it be you??




Tuesday, June 19, 2012

One Month Home!

Wow, it is hard to believe that it has already been a month since our two Ukrainian sweethearts stepped foot for the first time on American soil!  It seems like just yesterday.  Then, in so many ways, it seems like a lifetime ago.  Like they have just always been a part of our family.

I can't even begin to describe how well they have both done with such a HUGE transition in their lives.  I mean, truly amazingly well.  They have both made it clear that they are just two go-with-the-flow children who adapt well to new people and situations, which works just fine with this family!

Their days are spent just hanging at home with me and the kids now that all our major priorities for the year like homeschooling, soccer, girl scouts and such are completed.  And that is how I like it!  Nice, relaxing days with not too much to do or too many places to be.  Time to relax and just enjoy being a family, and settling in.

So, with the exception of an occasional doctor appointment, therapist appointment, dentist appointment-- you get the drift-- we will be blissfully hanging at home this summer, and loving every minute with our newest little blessings.

And so far, we can see that we truly HAVE been very blessed.  The doctor said that their health is really pretty good all things considered.  Charlotte has already gained a pound and Atticus has gained two!  Charlotte is picking up new English words every day and with great speed.  Her memory is astounding and her personality is fierce--- in a good way!  She is a little spitfire, and a sweetie pie, all wrapped into one.  :)  She is also already taking many steps on her own, walking back and forth from me to the chair or one of the kids.  Getting better at it every day too!

Atticus is just a cutie pie cuddle bug.  He plays so well independently too, playing with toys very appropriately.  He loves to go for walks in the stroller, play peek-a-boo, and go on the swings and he is just an amazing, easygoing kid..... until he is hungry.  :)  He sleeps well, eats well, giggles a lot.... you can't ask for better than that can you??

Tim and I were just talking yesterday after he came home from work about how good things have really been since the kids came home.  How we were prepared for who-knows-what in terms of emotional and physical struggles, medical difficulties, you name it.  And the Lord has really blessed us, abundantly, with these children.  Now that is not to say that there might not be difficulties ahead, of course.  Charlotte will need surgery, Atticus will need physical therapy and there will be bumps in the road.  But goodness gracious, these children are SO much more than we could have ever hoped for in terms of their intelligence, their loving spirit, their determination!  To think that they came from an orphanage and an institution!!!

So today, we thank the Lord for leading us on this unlikely path in building our family.  We thank Him for showing us the way to these children, and we thank the many people who enabled us to get to them.  Thank you!!  Without you, we wouldn't be parenting these amazing creatures of God right now and reaping the blessings from it.  We are truly grateful.

And to all those who are thinking of dipping their toes into the world of adoption for the first time.....DO IT!  The blessings are abundant.  The way you will witness God moving in your life is astounding.  And these children need YOU.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Blog Is Back Open!

Hi Everyone, we're baaacccckkkk!  Sorry for everyone who was reading along that we didn't post our Gotcha Day or much of anything towards the end of our trip.  We had terrible wi-fi and it was really difficult to get through a post without losing the connection.

But we are HOME now with both of our children and they are doing so well!  They are both sweethearts and have adjusted to our high energy family better than I ever could have imagined.  We have been trying to settle them in slowly, but that has been difficult with all the soccer games, end of school running around, and church friends wanting to meet them of course!  But they have taken it all in stride, and we are feeling very blessed to have them as part of our family at last!

I do have many pictures to share and lots of info about our last days in Ukraine and our Gotcha Day too, and I promise I will get to posting that sometime very soon.  Just wanted to let you know we are all alive and well for now, and thank everyone for all the prayers said on our behalf throughout this whole journey.  Everything really went as well as could be possible while we were there and we are so grateful for that.  And grateful to be home, and parents now to EIGHT amazing blessings from God.

Here are a few pictures of our new babies since they have been home, and there are more to come soon, I promise!!!!  :)

Atticus all dressed up for his first appearance at church!

Charlotte on her way to church for the first time!!

Bible class!

Attending their first Sacred Selections fundraiser with Mommy  :)