The Family

The Family

Friday, February 4, 2011

Just One

I saw the following as a tag line on someone's email post tonight--

"To an audience of ONE". 

It just made me stop and think a minute.  That simple sentence was so profound to me.  To an audience of one.  There is only ONE person, ONE being who's approval we should be searching for in this life.  There is only ONE whom we should be striving to please.  There is only ONE whose opinion truly matters in our life and only ONE who our life should be a performance for.  As long as my actions, my words, my works and my life please HIM then I am happy. 

We have to make our lives about pleasing Him, not anyone else, even when others disagree, criticize, mock us or call us crazy.  Make your life a performance for just ONE.
Just some food for thought. 
Who are you trying to please in your life?

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