The Family

The Family

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Our Week Last Week

Whew what a past week we have had!  It was just one of those weeks that flew by because we had so much going on.  It was lots of fun stuff though, mixed in with our normal school stuff, so I didn't mind much. 

I must say, it has taken me a bit to re-adjust to our homeschooling schedule since getting back from China.  Between Christmas break, then being displaced from our home for two weeks because of the fire, then just after getting back into our house having to travel for a week and a half........ well it was just a whirlwind!  Getting back into our "normal" routine was challenging to say the least.  But we have finally done it, and everyone is still on track to finish up with their schedules by June.  Hooray!!

So what exactly have we been up to lately?  Well, two of our girls decided that it was time for a new look.  So we made an appointment at the salon for them to go together, and they went from this.......

To this!

(Don't know what is up with this pic and the weird blank spot on the bottom, but I couldn't fix it so there it is!)
 Then later in the week my friend Emilie and I hosted a ladies Valentine's Day tea at her house.  She so graciously offered to host it this year since our house is still a shambles after the fire.  Can't host a tea when all your office stuff is still sitting in your dining room!  My girls offered to come and be mini-hostesses for us too.  The day was sunny and warm for February, and I think the ladies had a good time.  How can you not with all these yummy treats??!!

The ladies from church enjoy the Valentine's Day tea each year.  It was so great of Emilie to host this year since I couldn't!

Some lovely young ladies who helped us play hostess.....

Then on Valentine's Day, after doing some homeschool work, I thought it would be fun to take the kids out and treat them to lunch at IKEA.  It was a win-win situation because I just love that place and hadn't been there to browse in a long time!  Here they are enjoying their chicken fingers and chocolate cake....

I don't know about you, but I just love doing special little things with the kids on the holidays.  Setting the table that morning with heart shaped plates for breakfast, and giving each of them a sweet candy treat is just fun for me, and for them!  I totally enjoyed their company when we went out for our V-Day lunch, and I look foreword to many more memories like this one in the future.  They all just grow up too fast!!

And along the lines of that statement, one more thing to announce!!  Our eldest son Evan is now a member of the driving community so be extra wary on those roads all you North Carolinians!!  Yep-- Evan got his driving permit this past week and we are so excited to be teaching him how to drive!  So far he has done really well.  He drove us all home from his Biology class the other day and nary a mailbox nor woodland creature was harmed.  :)  His dad was a bit afraid when he called my cell and found out that his whole family was presently in the car with Evan at the wheel.  He said a silent prayer that he would still HAVE a family when he got home that night!  Haha!

All kidding aside though, he has been doing very well with his driving and we are both excited to watch him take yet another step forward in maturity and responsibility.  Yeah Evan!!

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