The Family

The Family

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Still Not Much News

I just wanted to post a brief update regarding Gideon.  Not much news really other than that we have learned that he did start his TB medication about 2 weeks ago now, and that his sputum smears did come back negative.  We still will have to wait until the actual cultures are looked at in about 4 more weeks.  If they still don't show anything they will probably wait another 2 weeks just to be sure.  But if there is TB it will probably show up by then.

Either way, there is not much to do right now but wait.  I tried calling the CDC but they were of no help.  They cannot act as a "regulatory agency" they told me, and therefore will not speak with our health dept. regarding their decision not to sign the waiver yet.  Our agency doesn't have any other information either at this point.  Just that he is taking the medication.

So, I don't want to rush my life away, but I hope these next few weeks pass quickly.  Poor Tim is chomping at the bit to get Gideon home.  He keeps saying that he would love to put me on a plane tomorrow!  I agree.  And I wish there was some other course of action but there doesn't seem to be at this time. 

Just please keep our son in your prayers, that he is safe and getting healthy and that he is confident that we are returning as soon as we can to get him!  I am sending him a little care package, so that will help some I hope.

So, for now we wait.  At least we know he is coming home!  We just have to be patient.


  1. Praying for you and your sweet Gideon, Janice! I cannot imagine how your heart is breaking!!!! Hang in and trust!!

  2. I heard about your story while we were in China adopting our daughter with Down Syndrome from RR. I was devastated for you when I heard and want you to know that I prayed for your family while I was in China. Funny that I find your blog now. Can't wait to see you go back to get your boy!!!