The Family

The Family

Monday, February 28, 2011

God's Arrows in our Quiver: Impractical...Imprudent...Ill Advised...

Here is an entry I saw today on another blog and thought was so well said I just had to re-post it here. There are sooooo many people in this world who will question "why on Earth??" you want to adopt. Why would you want to "mess up" or complicate your life or your already beautiful family?? Well, it is not because of anything here on earth, but rather because of what our God in Heaven is telling us to do. This post is simply a must read!!
And in the future if anyone ever wonders "why on Earth???" we feel the need to adopt, to take a more challenging path in life or "mess up" what we already have, I'll be directing them here!!--

(As a sidenote, this sweet family just lost one of the precious sons they were in the midst of adopting to Lukemia.  Please keep them in your prayers.)

God's Arrows in our Quiver: Impractical...Imprudent...Ill Advised...: "All of the above. As I look forward to adopting Nikita and Alexei (Dusty) with my beautiful wife, Amy, and our family, I find that the..."

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