The Family

The Family

Sunday, January 30, 2011

No New News..... But Some Pictures

Well, there has been no new news to report over the weekend on when we can bring Gideon home.  Waiting to find out more tomorrow from our agency which is remaining in touch with his orphanage where he is being cared for until we can return to get him home.  They are checking in to see if any results from his smears have come back yet and if so, what the results are, and also if any medical treatment has begun yet.

So for now I thought I would share just a few of the many pictures we took during our time together in China.  Beijing really was a fabulous place to visit and the week produced many fond memories in myself and my son Evan, and hopefully in Gideon's mind as well.

We got to visit the Great Wall, which was great indeed, as well as visiting a jade factory, a cloisonne factory and silk factory.  We got to experience a rickshaw ride through the Hutong which is a very old part of the city, and of course we got to eat a lot of fabulous Chinese food while we were there.

More pictures to follow, but here are just a few of our adventures and our beautiful new boy!

Brothers meeting for the first time at Gideon's orphanage

 Me, Evan, Gideon and our guide George at the orphanage for Gotcha Day!  We had just met him only moments before this picture.

At the Great Wall

Right before we made the arduous climb up that massive staircase in back

Hello up there!!  The boys made it up to the fifth tower, the highest you could climb, while I watched from the third.  That climb was enough for my thighs to handle!

Standing in front of some of the weaponry they would have used hundreds of years ago to fend off the invaders

Massive Cloisonne vases at the factory

The artisans begin with vessels of copper and then inlay the beautiful patterns and intricate details over them

We walked the site of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.  Pretty impressive that they built so many buildings in such a short amount of time specifically for that event.  It was a great sight, but extremely COLD that day!

The Birdsnest Stadium.  Even more impressive in person.

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  1. My heart breaks for all of you. We will be picking up our son, still several months from now, and I can't imagine the heartache of having to leave him there. We are praying that the Lord moves quickly to bring your son home soon.