The Family

The Family

Friday, February 25, 2011

Aaaah.... Friday!

Another week is drawing to a close and I am sitting here reflecting on our family and the world swirling around us at high speed.  It is nice to just sit for a minute and be grateful as I contemplate everything going on in our lives.

We finished our studies for the week this morning-- the children finished up their reading, we did our math together.  Now they are outside on this very windy day, swinging on the swingset and observing our chickens.  The cats are rolling in the grass while the kids play, and following them around the yard. 

I love to sit here and listen to our rooster's crow while the wind howls through the trees in our woods.  The dryer is tumbling freshly washed clothes in the laundry room.  The two eldest are chatting as they make sandwiches for lunch, and my oldest makes coffee for mama :). Very peaceful.  And simple.  These are the sights and sounds of our life as a homeschooling family.

This afternoon after lunch the kids and I are going to catch up on some together-time reading.  Shakespeare, Prudence and the Millers, Parables of Nature-- love that book!!-- and Pilgrim's Progress.  Then I think we will bake some bread and some cookies for when daddy gets home.  The kids are all really wanting to work on their crochet today too.  A friend of mine that I have known since high school came over Wednesday and gave them a lesson.  They have been working on their projects diligently ever since.

So, happy Friday to you all.  Take some time to savor the sights, sounds and little moments in your life today.

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