The Family

The Family

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

We Have A Button Posted!

Hey everyone, take a look at my sidebar to the right, and at the very top you will see a new Reece's Rainbow button with pictures of Masha and Christopher!

If you click on one of their pictures, this button will link you directly to our FSP on Reece's Rainbow-- otherwise known as the Family Sponsorship Page.  There you can read a little blurb about how we got started with the adoption of these two precious children, and if you feel lead to do so, you can donate directly to our FSP fund.  All these donations are completely TAX DEDUCTIBLE which is awesome!

Also, if you have a blog, please please please copy and paste the URL below the button and add it to the sidebar of your own blog.  This will help us get the word out about our adoption and enable others to donate if they would like to as well.

Our travel time is quickly approaching- we will probably be leaving at the end of October!!  WOW!!  It seemed like the time would never get here, and now, it is one short month away!  

We appreciate everyone's help with spreading the word as we get closer to bringing our babies home!!  Thank you!!


  1. YAY - Love the new button!!!! I will put on our blog ASAP!!!!!!!

  2. Masha has always had my heart, I love that girl, even though I'm partial to the Ds ones, theres something about Masha!! I am so happy to see her going to such an awesome family!! I cannot wait til you bring them both home!! I posted their buttons on my sad little blog, but I hope that helps!! I will be donating for sure!!

  3. We took the pictures of sweet Masha and was able to interact with her one on one so many days we were there. Please contact me at and I would love to send you all we have. We are so excited for you all! You will just love the spirited little Masha!