The Family

The Family

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Take A Look At This!!

Wow! I mean really, WOW!! I am just blown away by the graciousness, goodness and love of fellow Christians sometimes! Just LOOK at this..........

I don't really know what to say!  These amazing people took it upon themselves to plan and organize all of this at a moment's notice, knowing that we do not have much time, but wanting to help anyway.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for doing this for us, and more importantly, doing it for our sweet babies.  Getting them home is our number one priority right now, and we appreciate the love and support more than anyone will ever know!

I tell ya, adoption not only creates families, but boy does it ever bring people closer and help you to realize the love others have for their bretheren.  And the love they have for the children of this world!!!

Sooooo, if you are in Lexington, or live somewhere close by, PLEASE stop by the Hilton on October 14th and help us fundraise for this adoption.

I know there will be some great food, and some fabulous prizes to bid on in the silent auction too!!  I only wish we could be there ourselves.
But we will be in spirit, that's for sure!

God is SO good!


  1. Congratulations on your adoption journey!!

  2. just 'met' you guys through a china waiting child group and am going to be following and supporting as we can from up here in cincy...we have four and counting, all adopted, and spend some time down in perry park, ky and frankfort...we'll be praying your babies come home soon and healthy! two of ours home from e.e. too! god speed!!

  3. Good morning! Just met you guys - through Mommy above - Marie and I have three bio and three adopted (Korea 1X and China 2X) - all sn kids as well. We too will be following from Cincy - but Marie's family hails from PeWee (Louisville), Danville, and Lexington - perhaps one day in the future our paths will cross!

    Loved the photo shoot - you have a wonderful family - and if y'all don't mind we'll share your joy just a bit!

    hugs - aus and co.

  4. Janice, how exciting!

    They are precious!

    Will be keeping you in my prayers.

    Congratulations and blessings!