The Family

The Family

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Great News!

Just wanted to update everyone and let you know that as of today, Gideon is now FINISHED with all his TB medicine!!


We are ALL very excited to say the least, especially HIM!!

Praise God for getting us through all that mess, and allowing Gideon to have no adverse reactions to any of the medicine in the process.  He has really handled it all like a trooper, but we are super glad that it is over.

And you wouldn't think this kid had experienced any problems with his lungs, now would you????......................

Here he is sprinting his legs off to get to the finish FIRST (as always) during our running club practice.  He is a speed demon, and barely even winded at the end!!
Thank you God for modern medicine.
Thank you God for answering our prayers and allowing him to be cured.
Please Lord allow him to stay well!

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