The Family

The Family

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

God is in Control!

I know he is, I just have to remind myself sometimes.  I know that everything will work out according to His plan and His will, but at times like these it gets hard to trust.  There is sooo much at stake.

We received word today that our paperwork has not reached the National Visa Center and is waylayed.  Now I haven't received the paperwork I NEED to bring with me from our agency.  It is somewhere with UPS in Greensboro.  This snowstorm has really messed things up. 

Oh Lord, please help us get everything we need on time and get it all to where it needs to go on time.  Please hear my prayers Lord, you have each and every time before and have answered them.  This child's very life depends on those little pieces of paper.  We have such a short time, no time to spare really. 

Please everyone pray that all this comes together the way that it should, that there are no more delays in paperwork or in flights, and that we can adopt our son before his birthday next Thursday.  He is our son.  I have to go and get him and bring him home.  Please let it be so.

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