The Family

The Family

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We Leave in Just 9 Days!!!!!!!

Wow!  I cannot believe the time is almost here for me to go to China and pick up our new son!!  It really has flown.  It has been lots of hard work to get to this point, but I never could have accomplished this without the help, support (both financial and otherwise) and prayers of so many other people.  God has truly worked through His people to bring this child home to us and we are supremely grateful!!

Please continue to pray that all will go according to plan-- that our flights will arrive safely and on time, that our consulate appointment will be one that we asked for so that we don't have to remain in China through the Chinese New Year, and that Gideon adjusts to us well as his new family.
We are also still in need of about $2000 to cover our basic expenses.  Perhaps a little more, but we have not gotten our final numbers from our agency yet regarding accommodations and such.  Please pray that these funds will appear when we need them just as the others have so far!  And if you can donate to our adoption, we would be so grateful!!

Thank you for everyone's support and love throughout this journey so far.  I hope it continues to move forward without any challenges or pitfalls.

Also pray for my husband at this time.  I will be leaving him to contend with our 4 other children at home, as well as a house that is still in need of some repair after the fire back on the 26th.  Ask God to grant him strength and wisdom throughout all of this so that he will not get even more overwhelmed!

Our God is an awesome God and we give Him all the glory!!  Can't wait to meet my new, not so little, boy!!!

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