The Family

The Family

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blessings Abound!

I just wanted to share some amazing news-- I woke this morning to see that I had a text from my husband on my phone.  We were granted the consulate appointment that we requested for January 25th!!!!  I cannot believe it!!  To say that I am overjoyed at the moment is an understatement.  This was our very last hurdle to jump over and as usual, God did not disappoint!!  And Heidi from our agency said that this appointment should not be taken for granted either-- the Chinese Consulate MADE an appointment opening for us at 9:30am because they new our situation and that we already had tickets booked to go home and that we had come over here to adopt a child who was aging out.  Otherwise, they have NO OPENINGS until the END of February!!!!  Amazing.  I am still in awe at God's love and mercy.  The Consulate even said they are looking forward specifically to meeting us and him at his appointment.  I am so looking forward to meeting them too!
I have never felt so surrounded by love and have never felt such a peace about something I am doing in my entire life.  I know without a shadow of a doubt that this child was meant to be in our lives.  He was brought here only because of miracle after miracle and our faith has been stregnthened beyond measure because of it.  I explained on one of my Yahoo groups that I feel like a kid in a candy store, or maybe it should be a child on Christmas morning, who has just gotten EVERYTHING she asked for!  I almost feel guilty!  We have truly gotten EVERY THING we have asked for in this journey-- Tim to have a good job, a social worker who would approve us and get our HS done quickly, an agency who would work with us despite the short time frame, help from others financially to get this thing accomplished, paperwork and travel dates and expediting from both the USCIS and Chinese government to come through, and much more.  And certainly that last one has been a biggie-- when has anyone here known of two governments to work together so willingly and so quickly to get something done and they actually do it and do it well!!??  A miracle in itself, that is what that is!
And as a result we have the blessing of a sweet new child to call our own.  He really is such a sweetie too.  He is quiet, but not shy.  He is so friendly and go-with-the-flow.  I know he will be a blessing to our family.  A child who would probably not get looked at twice here because of his cleft lip and the way it has made his mouth and nose look, will have the opportunity to get some of that fixed once he gets home, and more importantly have the love of a family.  Brothers and sisters waiting for him-- which he is so excited about-- and a Mama and Baba to call his own.
And TODAY is his 14th birthday!!  Happy Birthday sweet Gideon Sage Lie Rowe!!  It has all come together for good and we love you!


  1. So excited everything fell into place just right. What a blessing!

  2. Oh Janice!!! Thank you for sharing all of this with us!! It is strengthening my faith too to watch all if this!! We really look forward to meeting Gideon sage!!
    Tell him we wish him a very happy birthday and ge has 3 new friends ( Eli, ben, gave) waiting to meet him and play!! You and Tim are just amazing!! I love you!!

  3. WOO!!!HOO!!! So excited for you!!!
    Happy Birthday Gideon!!!