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The Family

Friday, July 26, 2013

Lighting A Candle..... In Memory

Today many people in the adoption community are lighting a candle for one sweet boy, a boy whose life was cut short all too quickly.  He was called "Hanson" and he was a Lost Boy..... A boy whose short life was lived out lying in a crib, trapped in an institution. He spent his days in a laying room. No one to love him or care for him, other than feeding him two or three bottles a day and giving him about that many diaper changes too.

Such a sad existence.  Such a sad way to live a life.  And even sadder, there are many more just like him in orphanages all over the world. They die every day without anyone ever knowing about them. They suffer like Hanson did, enduring life rather than living it, and just waiting to die.

God has called this sweet child home, and today we remember him.  There will be a memorial service held today at 3pm in Canada for him as well, organized by a gentleman with special needs who love and prayed for Hanson all those miles away. He said he knew that if he had lived in Hanson's country he might have suffered a similar fate. So this is his tribute to him. So very touching.

And today we are lighting candles to remember Hanson and the other orphans of this world who have died without the love of a family. There are so many.  People talk about the possibility of children dying in orphanages, well it really does happen. Often.

You can read more about Hanson, the service being held in his memory and the Lost Boys HERE

Please light a candle today, and say a prayer for these sweet children who deserve to be remembered.

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  1. MY eyes are full of tears right now,if I place myself to his place i can imagine from what kind of problems he was suffered from.I am just having one thing to say right now for him,may his soul rest in peace!!