The Family

The Family

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

More Updates.....

Life is zooming right along, like usual.  School days are fast approaching and precious time is left of those lazy days of summer. 

We have seen ball games, gone to the pool, eaten popsicles, ice cream cones and slushies galore!  We have gone to movies and visited friends and gone camping. So much has been done yet it still seems like it has gone by in the blink of an eye, like it always does.

Our kids were also fortunate enough to be able to attend camp again this summer.  They consider it the best week of the entire year!! They had an AWESOME time at FC Carolina Camp, as they always do, making new friends, playing games and learning more of God's Word. 

Their theme this year was Saved To Serve.  How appropriate.  Exactly what we always strive to teach our children... serve others before thinking of yourself.  I am thankful they got to spend that week immersed in this valuable lesson.

Here are just a few pics of the amazing time they had!

The theme for the week


Three legged race

Duck Dynasty themed banquet! 

Good friends full of happy smiles  :)

Fun and games

Gideon is a great rock climber!

And in the meantime we have been getting some updates on our other soon-to-be son across the ocean!  It is a blessing to hear a little bit about what he has been up to this summer and to be able to check in on him and see he is ok.  One of our friends is at his orphanage adopting three- yes three!- teenage sons and has been kind enough to deliver a little goodie bag to him from us and take many pictures too.  Here are a few!

He was quite happy to get the bag of treats , letter and pictures we sent him!

Getting hugs that I can't wait to give!!

Hanging out on the soccer field playing a little ball

We are still moving right along with all of our adoption paperwork.  It is almost done!  Praying that things continue to go smoothly and stay full speed ahead!
In the meantime, we are grateful for these updates.  We can see that his foot is feeling much better, and we are reaffirmed in knowing that he is happy we are coming for him.
Soon sweet boy, very soon!
However, we are quick to remember that he is still being transferred from his orphanage to a trade school at the end of this month, so please keep the prayers coming for his safety and his emotional well being until we get there for him.
And if you feel lead to help us along on our journey we would be so very grateful!!!  There are now TWO links on the top right of this blog where you can donate straight to our adoption fund. One is through our FSP on Reece's Rainbow, and another is on the You Caring site.  Either way the funds will go towards bringing our boy home, and you will have our most sincere thanks!!

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