The Family

The Family

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Birthday Boy!

Happy Birthday to our sweet boy Atticus!!

Today he turns 3!!


He has weathered a huge storm this year....
But he never let it steal his JOY

Throughout all our hospital visits....

And doctor appointments......

Being poked and prodded, spinal taps and bloodwork.....

Throughout it all he has done great!  He is such a trooper.

He has reached so many milestones this year!  Feeding himself, crawling, signing, verbalizing, pulling up
and walking around the furniture...
So many things he was never able to do before, never given the opportunity to do.

He is growing into such an amazing little boy!  Full of laughs and happiness!

Our little "Froggy", we love you SOOOO much!!
We are so thankful that God saw fit to make us your parents,
to give US the gift of having you as our son.

We continue to learn from you each day.  
So many lessons to be learned from an innocent child
about love, trust, and joy.

On this, your third birthday, we thank God that you are safe, healthy and 

We are thankful for the doctors who have been treating you over the past year, 
the therapists who have helped you grow and blossom and learn,
the friends who have prayed for you
and the family members who continue to love you.
You are such a GIFT.

Happy third birthday little man.  
We can't wait to see all you accomplish 
this next year! 

We love you!!!

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