The Family

The Family

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Just a Few Days.....

For those of you who might not know, my husband Tim and oldest son Evan are heading to Ukraine on a mission trip in less than TWO short weeks! To say they are excited is an understatement. Both Tim and I definitely feel that since our adoptions, we have left a part of our hearts in Ukraine with those children still hoping to be adopted, and with the ones who have aged out and are struggling to make it on our own. We both believe that our job there is not done. In fact, it is hopefully just beginning, and he and Evan can't wait to get back and START!

This mission trip they are going on is our first step, our first toe-dip into the waters of serving those children abroad who have no homes, no family, no one to turn to. The lost ones, the forgotten ones, the un-adopted ones..... This is the beginning of our mission for them.

People love to say, "Well, you can't save them all." And sadly, they are right. No matter how many we or others adopt, there will always be orphans. It is a fact. So that begs the question, then what can we do for them?  Tim has always said that I am the "Plan A" - adopt and advocate.  He is the "Plan B"- when adoption doesn't happen, how do we help?

Well, this trip is his first opportunity to help. He and Evan are traveling to Ukraine with a group of fellow Christians to help remodel and restore a home, turning it into a place for teenage boys who have aged out of the system to live and learn how to support themselves. A home and school in one. They will be studying agriculture so that they might learn the skills to sustain themselves and turn a profit.

Tim not only wants to help with providing these kids with a home and some security, but with a future... a way to support themselves for the long term. You know, the whole "give a man a fish, teach a man to fish" proverb mentality. You can only give these kids so much until they have to eventually learn to make it on their own.

So with all that said, we need YOUR help. Time is running out, as I mentioned they leave on the 13th- less than two weeks from now, and they are still short on funds. These funds simply cover their airfare, travel in country, lodging and meals. Nothing fancy, very basic.

I have put a link at the top right corner of this blog which will take you to the video they have made about their trip and fundraising needs. Please click and watch, and if you are able, donate. Getting them there enables them to be part of the manpower that works to change these teenage boys' lives. You are indirectly helping those kids work towards a better future for themselves, and the boys who come after them.

And if you are on Facebook, please visit Tim's page at My Mission Trip to Ukraine for additional information.  I am sure he will be posting pictures and updates on there once he arrives as well. It will be a great way for you to keep up to date on the team's progress and see exactly where your donations have gone. :)

Thanks for your support, consideration, and as always, your prayers, that this might be a successful venture and change the lives of these children for the better!!

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