The Family

The Family

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Winding Down

Today is Thursday and we are now, hopefully, going into what will be our last week here in Ukraine.  If all goes according to plan... though I am not holding my breath.... we should be able to get our passports this next Tuesday, maybe Wednesday, and be on a plane home next Friday or Saturday.  Yeah!!

So, that means that our visit with Charlotte that we had this morning was officially our last visit with her until we go to pick her up next week!!  Wow.

It was a FABULOUS visit too, just amazing.  Her nanny brought her out to us, like usual, but this time was calling her Charlotte!  Music to my ears.  We had such a great time with her today.  I really think she is finally getting used to us and is more comfortable.  She has always played with us but usually gets a little wild and I think has been trying to test the boundaries a little.

Today she was just calm and sweet, and it was so natural to be with her.  She is always so full of life and full of JOY, and today was no exception.  We played in the visiting room for a little while, then went outside because it is beautiful out today.

Today's visit just gave me an immense feeling of peace, that all is going according to plan, that everything is going to work out ok in the end.  Maybe it is because the struggle, for the most part, is over.... waiting, paperwork, approvals, all that stuff that makes you tense and on edge.  Now it is just me and my children, and Daddy waiting for our arrival at home.  Everything has fallen into place, many visits have been had and we have gradually gotten to know, and grown to LOVE, our newest children.

I was just so happy to have such a wonderful time with her today.  She amazed me, as usual, with that quick brain of hers.  I think she will be learning English very quickly-- especially since she can repeat things back to me perfectly already.  Today it was "Mr. Cow.  Moo!"  Can you believe?!  All 3 words together while looking at the picture of the cow.  Incredible.

I took quite a few pictures of our visit with her today, and I am also posting some of our visit with Atticus from yesterday.  It is going to be double trouble when they both get home, both pulling up and learning to walk at the same time, and being about the same size, and learning to eat solids together.  It will be like having twins!  Wasn't I the one who always said I didn't want twins??  Hmmmm.......  :)

Anyway, here are just some of our many snapshots of Charlotte from today, and Atticus from yesterday.  Please keep the prayers coming as we go through this final week here.  It will be a doozie for sure.  Emotional days ahead-- taking them out of their orphanages for the last time, embarking on a llloooooonnnngg train ride with them to Kiev, finally getting the paperwork they need to travel to the USA, and then of course the equally llllooooonnnnggg plane ride HOME!  I am so thankful for all our friends and family who have covered us in prayer during this entire journey and I just ask that it continues until we safely arrive in the US.  Thank you!!!  :)

Some artwork done by the children at Charlotte's institution and displayed in the front hall.

Standing by herself and drawing on her Magna-Doodle.  Notice the backpack?  It is super tiny and yet it takes up her whole back!

Zipping up her backpack.

Putting all the little animals back inside.

Was amazed as Schuyler was turning the toy upside down for the beads to go through!  Loved this!!

Look at how tiny her feet are! I mean TINY!  They are smaller than a 1year old's.  Her size 21 sandal (euro sizes), which is for a 12 month old, is too big for her.  :(

Loves looking to see what else Mama has inside her backpack!

The irises are all blooming here now.  Very pretty, reminds me of my garden at home.

Love this picture!  Happy girl on a swing!

Love this one too!!

We decided to blow on some dandelions.....

She was blowing very hard!

At the front door of her internat, getting ready to say goodbye.  Soon, this will be her home no longer.

He really, really wants to walk!!

Here however, I think he was a bit tired of walking  ;)  Just lifted up his legs and said, Nope!

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