The Family

The Family

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy Victory Day Ukraine!! And Random Pictures

Happy Victory Day to Ukraine!!  As I sit here listening to the cheering and the bands playing somewhere in the not too far off distance, I think about what this day means for them.  It is a huge holiday here, the celebration of the defeat of the Nazis in WW11, getting them out of Ukraine and Russia.  Major day.  Here is a link to an explanation if you are interested...

So today, after all the running around yesterday, we are just taking it slow and easy.  Since it is a holiday, everything is mostly closed anyway.  I just need a chill day really, before I gear up for packing up and heading out of here with two small kiddos who are going to demand lots of time and energy!!  :)  Can't wait, just relishing the time BEFORE the craziness if you know what I mean!

So, I figured since I didn't post any pics with my post last night, I would take a few minutes to post some pictures that I hadn't gotten around to putting up yet.  Enjoy them!!

Below are some pics of the kids at the older children's orphanage again.  We went with Natalya and her other friends on Saturday to do a Bible study with the children.  The orphanage is kind to let them come and do this with the children, they have established a good trusting relationship with the staff, mostly.  There are still caregivers who would prefer that they not come and are wary of strangers like us, and what we want to do with "their" children, but mostly it is good.  These kids amaze me every time we visit them.  Their sweetness, love and kindness is just incredible to me faced with their situations.  Remarkable.

 And so are Natalya, Anna and their friends who go tirelessly weekend after weekend not only to this orphanage but to others, spreading God's message of love, teaching them Bible verses, and showering these kids with affection when otherwise most of them get none.  I am humbled by their generosity with their time and energy.  When many other twenty-something ladies would rather be out with their friends or doing anything else they like for THEMSELVES, these women are serving the orphans in their city.  Constantly serving, doing good works, and just making it a part of their daily lives.  God bless them!!

All the kids love playing games on the ipad.  Of course!

Vanya and Dima.  Love this picture of two incredibly sweet boys.
Air hockey on the ipad!!

I have told Natalya she is like the Pied Piper!  Where she is a crowd of children will gather... every time!  There had been NO ONE out when we first arrived, and a few minutes later word had spread, and look!

Walking to the hillside for Bible study.  I just LOVE how sweet Dima always carries my backpack for me.  :)

About to begin the Bible study....

Such a beautiful view-- looking at God's creation as we talk about His plans for our lives.
Sweet Sophiya, longing for a family.....

Natalya teaches an English class at her church, and we got to go with her as guests last Friday night.  It was so much fun getting to meet these lovely people-- a doctor, trainer, teacher, banker... all wanting to learn English, and doing SO well with it too!  I was impressed!  And it was lots of fun speaking with them and telling them about things in the US too.

 After the English class that night, I told Natalya and Anna that I wanted to take them for dinner as a thank you for how sweet they have been to us!  I told her to pick a place with some traditional Ukrainian food, and she did.  It was wonderful!  Schuyler ordered ravioli and it comes in a broth and was delicious.  I ordered the pirogies stuffed with cabbage and they too were soooo yummy!  And we had peach juice to drink.  Great dinner with great friends  :)

Natalya and Anna

Momma and Schuyler  <3

From our not-so-happy day with Atticus... here is Schuyler strolling him around, just about the only thing he really liked that day.  And below his poor, pitiful red-eyed face after crying.  Still not sure what he was so upset about, it happened while he was with the nannies before we got him.  Makes the Momma Bear in me come out though to see him this sad  :(

But on a happier note, this was from two days ago, Monday the 7th, when we received Masha's NEW birth certificate!!  Masha no longer, she is now Charlotte Rose Rowe!!!!  Oh happy day!!!!

That is about all for now.  We have tons more pictures of course, and I will post more in the future.  Time for a little relaxing today, an orphanage visit with our son, one with Charlotte tomorrow and then the big wait till Tuesday!


  1. It's a joy to see what those young women do to help the children there. God is blessing them to, you can tell by how the children cling to them. Wonderful! The food looked great! Glad you are almost home my friend....hang in there ;)

  2. Hey! You made it to Cafe Kredo!! I would recognize that place anywhere. So cheap and delicious.

    Congrats on Charlotte Rose! Such a pretty name.