The Family

The Family

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Oh Miss Masha!

This little girl is going to give us a run for our money!!  She is a firecracker, a spitfire, a ball of energy.... and any other name like this you can use befitting to a girl that is on the go.....go..... GO!

She has such a personality..... and a bit of a temper.  :)  But in her defense she was woken up for our visit today.  So all things considered she did very well!  She whimpered a bit when they brought her out into the hallway, but in no time at all she was all fired up and ready to play!

We hung out in the visiting room for awhile, playing with all the same toys that have appeared from my backpack before.  The princess puzzle.... whose pieces she likes to throw.  The soccer ball.... also great for throwing.  That fun toy with beads in it that Atticus loves..... also got thrown.  But not in a mean way, she just LOVES to throw things.  There were a few "nyets" said by Schuyler and I.  And even a little reprimand from her director.  :)  Who really seems to adore her by the way.  That I am sure is a little bit of the problem.  Everyone really, really adores Masha.  Maybe a bit too much!  :)  She is doted on a lot, and gets her way it seems quite often, which is strange for a child in an institution.  But she is a character and I think people just think she is adorable and give in to her.

She is an incredibly sweet child, she is funny, she smiles ALL the time, she is always happy and playful, and like I said she is full of energy-- which comes in handy in our family!  But of course she has lived the past 5 years in an orphanage or an institution.  No matter how much these caretakers adore her, they are still caretakers.  And she has never had the consistent love, or direction and discipline, of a mom and dad.

Everything will come in time I am sure.  The first lesson to be learned at home will be no throwing  ;)  But otherwise I know it is going to take lots of love and gentle guidance for quite awhile, and that is fine.  I just hope our friends and family understand if there are temper tantrums, fits on the floor, etc that this is just going to be part of the process.  Like it or not, both her time in the orphanages and her FAS have affected her, and these are things that will take time.

We are definitely smitten with this funny little monkey, and can't wait to get her home to a family filled with love to help her learn, grow, and be everything God created her to be!!

This boy at the institution was sooo sweet.  Offered to let Masha swing with him.

Climbed up ALL by herself!!  So strong!

Look at that smile!!!  LOVE!!

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  1. I can't wait to meet these two! So, the 10 day wait is up now, right? Just passports, medicals, and visas to go. You're almost home! See you soon :)