The Family

The Family

Monday, April 9, 2012

Referral Day- Second Time!

We got our referral for Masha today, picking it up tomorrow! Yeah! Another piece of this intricate adoption puzzle has fallen into place. So incredibly grateful. Words cannot truly describe it.

We go back tomorrow to pick up the referral around 4 pm, then hopefully on to the train station. We have been having a hard time reserving a second class cabin again for our trip back. Tim wanted Schuyler and I to take two top bunks in another shared cabin and I said no way! Who knows who we would be sharing with!? Talk about no sleep all night for me! So please pray we are able to secure tickets tomorrow night to keep this process rolling along and so we can go Wednesday and meet our little spitfire!

Otherwise things are good. It is a rainy day here in Kiev but that didn't keep us from exploring and taking the metro to some cute baby shops. And drooling over prams which would be fun to have, but probably not the most practical back in the states. ;)

So for the rest of the day, we just hang out, maybe a little more adventuring out tomorrow, then hopefully back to region via the bumpy train.

Just thankful for progress and our second referral, and the kindness we have been shown so far by our in country team. They have been very helpful and we appreciate it!

Continued prayers appreciated as always. We still have the huge hurdle of a court date to overcome, and some Ukrainian holidays approaching that could hold us up. :(

Glad to be here in the country of our children's birth, but eager to get them home!

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  1. so excited to see all that has been transpiring this past wk and how God is blessing things in it all coming together - can't wait to see pix tomorrow and safe travels !!
    Lavonne and crew (praying here)