The Family

The Family

Friday, April 27, 2012

Papa Has Left The Building....

Well, the time has now come that Tim had to leave to go back home to our kids, and to work.  Yucky that work thing  :)  But, it pays the bills!!

So now Schuyler and I are here on our own, finishing up the 10 day wait, and possibly some additional days because of holidays here, and then getting the kids' passports done.  Then we are off, again, to Kiev for the medicals, visas and embassy paperwork.

It has been really beautiful here the past couple of days.  We visited Charlotte yesterday and hoped to take her outside, but ended up not being able to play at all because she had a temperature.  Minor cold they said, but they still are very careful with the children when they are sick.  So we blew kisses through the window and sadly hopped back in the car for the long drive home.  Really wish we had known she was sick before we went    ALL the way out there.  Oh well.

We only had a short visit with Atticus yesterday too because although he was quite happy, halfway through the visit he decided to upchuck (as my great aunt Helen used to say) all over himself....... and us.  Guess he had too much lunch.  :)  So he went back to the nanny for a clothing change, so I thought, but nope I was wrong.  End of the visit-- see you tomorrow.  Ah well, just one of those days.

Don't know when we will get to visit Charlotte again, Marina said she would call each day to see when she is feeling better so we can go.  But we did get to visit with Atticus this morning and he is back to his usual self.  Smiley and cheerful and no upchucking in sight!  Glad for that one.

We had fun walking him in the pram, singing him church songs, swinging him on the swings and playing with toys.  Good visit.

So that is about it for now.  Schuyler and I are trying to blend in as Ukrainian girls as much as possible but it still isn't working too well.  She forgot her high heels and I left my see through crochet blouse at home.  Darn!  ;)  Now that it is warm out those are all the rage you know!  (you left too soon honey!  heehee-- just kidding!)

Anyway, we are both missing Papa and all the laughter he brought to our trip for the past month, but we are glad he is home safely and glad our kids have one parent back home at least.

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