The Family

The Family

Monday, April 2, 2012

DAP Appointment!!

We had our appointment successfully at 9am this morning! We actually got to see both our children's referrals today. We were only expecting to see one because they are now officially in different places since Masha was moved to the institution. Serge is trying to get the director to agree to allowing us to get both referrals at once since we saw and accepted them both today and not make us come all the way back for essentially nothing. He said 90% chance no, she won't allow that, but we can hope and pray right?

We will find out tomorrow what the decision is and go from there. But, the exciting news is that we board the train to their region tomorrow night!!!! After the DAP appointment again tomorrow we will be taken to the train station and leave on our 18 hr ride to our children's region. If we are only allowed one referral at a time we will see our son first. I am so excited to meet him! Better bring lots of tissues in my purse!!

Please pray though that they will kindly grant our request for both children's referrals at one time. It would save so much time on our part. We could go right to requesting a court date!

Otherwise, all is well here. There has been a delightful mix of weather since we arrived, some snow, some rain, some sunshine. And the city is really marvelous, such beautiful architecture!

We have been able to eat some great food, meet with some RR friends while here and do a little sightseeing. So far, so good! Will try to figure out how to upload some pictures and share those later.

Thanks for the prayers, please keep them coming!

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