The Family

The Family

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter From Ukraine!

Had a relaxing and uneventful day back in Kiev today. Just arrived back in this morning a little after 7am. Long, rattling and swaying overnight ride. A little more bouncy than the last train we took down there, I kept waiting for us to derail at any moment for the first couple of hours, but then the fatigue kicked in and I went to sleep. Sort of. Slept on and off for 13 hours, so after we got to our new apartment today I had a little nap.

Then we set off to find the market since the little one downstairs in our building doesn't have very much. We found two, one a little nicer than the other and bought some food for the next two days. Crepes were for lunch this afternoon- yumm- o! Hit the spot with some fresh fruit and a glass of milk. Their milk here is really good too!

We hung out this afternoon, Tim had some work to do, and then this evening we called a driver and headed down to Independence Square for some pizza with two other RR families. The pizza was very good, and we had some amazing gelato for dessert after. Tomorrow we will brave the metro with them to go find the baby store at the big mall. Fun! Would lOVE to bring home one of those adorable prams I see all the moms pushing around the city, but what fun that would be to get on the tain and the plane, not to mention that both my littles will be too big for a pram anyway. :(

After dinner we decided to walk home. Well, really our intention was to walk to th bus stop and take the bus the rest of the way. But no bus ever stopped so we decided just to hoof it. Then there was the huge hill. Then it started to pour. I mean pour! So, drenched and tired, we finally arrived home safely. Albeit a little frightened too after witnessing a guy being beaten up on the way home. Scary.

Tomorrow afternoon though is the time we are anxiously waiting for. Our second DAP appointment! Time to finally, officially get that referral for Masha! then Tuesday night we will head back on the train and hopefully meet her sometime Wednesday! Please pray all continues to go well and that our meeting with Masha is a good be and comes with no surprises!

Missing our baby boy right now something terrible. I feel so badly that we had to leave just as he was getting used to seeing us. Can't wait to snuggle him again!

Missing our kids at home too! We got to skype with them tonight and they are doing so well. They are spending Easter with their grandparents who came to our house to be with them. Our son, Evan, even posted a picture for me on Facebook of all of them dressed up for Easter just as I would have if I had been home. Such a good boy! We love them all so and can't wait to see their smiling faces in person again. Hopefully soon!

So, on this Easter Sunday, far from home, we are thanking God for the blessings He has already bestowed upon us and the ones yet to come. Thankful for having a safe and enjoyable time in the country of our two little ones' birth, and grateful our other children at home are safe as well.

Today as we remember our risen Lord and the incredible sacrifice He made to adopt us into His family as His children, let us also remember His children here on Earth longing for an earthly family to be adopted into. Let us open our hearts and be willing to give to them as He gave it all to us.

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