The Family

The Family

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

We're Baaa....aaaacckk!

Got home late last night from a wonderful little vacation down to Florida to visit the grandparents!  The kids had a blast!  We took a boat out on the river, went to the beautiful beach in Clearwater, took in a mermaid show at the infamous Weekie Watchie state park, and swam....swam......and swam some more in the pool.

I think the kids had a fabulous time!  Two of them are still there.  Georgia and Kierstyn are having their own week with the grandparents now and for sure will come home with some more great memories.

The biggest accomplishment of all this week was that Gideon learned to SWIM!!  He went from a boy who was very apprehensive about the water and absolutely, positively HATED to even hear me mention the word swimsuit........ to an absolute fish!!!

So proud of him and all he has tried and accomplished over these past 2 1/2 months.  It seems like forever ago that we brought him home to our family, but it really has not been that long.  And he is doing great!

Enjoy the pics from our lovely summer break!  Back to reality now  :)

Swimming at the beautiful and clear Homosassa Springs

The gang preparing for our boat ride

Grandpa, the captain of the boat!

Daddy and Grandma

The beach at Clearwater, Florida

Finally starting to love the water!  It was so warm!

Momma and Daddy enjoying some rays!

Then on to Weekie Watchie to see the mermaid show!

We have a mermaid of our own!!

Uh Oh!  Something is wrong here!!  :)

Beautiful clear spring water!

Heading out for another boat ride down the Weekie Watchie river

Listening intently to the tour guide

Monkeying around in the trees after lunch

Back at Grandma and Grandpa's pool, Gideon learned to swim like a FISH!!

Good times, great memories had by all!!

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