The Family

The Family

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Crying Out for Help

I think by now it is pretty clear that many of my prayers and much of my heart belongs to the orphans of this world.  But you may not really, truly realize their plight and how extreme it is, especially for special needs children in orphanages, until you see pictures like these:

These are pictures of sweet Liliana, an orphan in Eastern Europe with Down Syndrome.  Do you know what makes these pictures extremely horrifying??  Liliana is ELEVEN years old.  Yes, you heard me right.  Eleven.

She is tiny, emaciated, starving away at only 10 pounds.  TEN pounds!  The size of a two month old!!!!

How is it possible not to be outraged at something like this?!!??  How is it possible to think-- as Adeye mentions in her post below-- that this is "Someone else's problem"?? 

As God's children we are called to care for all of His creation.  We are especially called to care for the orphans and the widows of this world who don't have anyone else to look out for their needs.

Please, Please go to the following blog post by Adeye at No Greater Joy Mom.....

Adeye is having a fundraiser for this child with some wonderful prizes to give away as well.  Please consider donating to this child's fund so that this little one might find a family to bring her home and give her all the care, nourishment and love that she has been sorely lacking!!

The world's children ARE our problem.  We can't just sit by and say that this doesn't matter just because it isn't in our own backyard.  We can't harden our hearts and try to forget that there are children out there like Liliana who are suffering. 

So, so many.

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