The Family

The Family

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Farewell To Summer!

We are back after our one final hurrah at the beach!!  It was a lovely few days and the kids had tons of fun jumping waves, boogie boarding, swimming, digging moats and burying themselves in the sand.  I feel so grateful and so blessed that we have had some fun trips this summer, and that Gideon has gotten to see so much of this amazing new country he has come to live in.

Drawing some Chinese symbols in the sand

Schuyler got to write 1-8 before the waves washed it away!  She is learning a lot from her new brother!

Tomorrow however, it is off to school for Mr. Gideon!  Summer is officially over for him as he ventures into his first year of high school.  Oh my goodness, I have two high school boys!  He is very excited about his new school, and for good reason.  It is an international school with many kids from all different backgrounds and many different countries.  AND their second language that they teach is Chinese!!  AND their end-of-the-year trip is to................................... BEIJING!!  Can you believe!!??  Very excited indeed.

We are very fortunate and blessed to have this school just seven minutes from our home.  It is a charter school too, so even though it is public, it has the small class atmosphere of a private school.  This means lots of one-on-one attention for Gideon and lots of help with learning English too! 

We went to his open house last night and EVERY single teacher knew who we were  :)

They had already been told they were going to have a Chinese speaking student in their class and most have already made special preparations for him so that he can understand their assignments.  Very cool indeed.

I think this will be the PERFECT place for him to spend his first year of education here in the US.  I thing some great things will be coming out of our wonderful (and very smart) boy this year!  Can't wait!  (and neither can he).

So happy schooling everyone!  From the crazy Rowe clan-----

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  1. Oh, Janice, what a tremendous blessing to have a school for Gideon so close by!!! God is good indeed! :-)