The Family

The Family

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Why Not Adopt??

I know there are many people in this world, family and friends even, who question our reasons or other people's reason's for adopting.  They ask the common questions about money, time, resources, or the big all-encompassing one...."How do you do it??"  They wonder how people manage with "so many children."  Well, I suppose it is all a matter of mindset.  For our family, we don't feel like 6 kids is that many.  For others, it might be all they can do to handle two. 

Regardless, below is a great video to watch on adoption.  It asks us to really, truly LOOK at the reasons why we say, "Oh I would love to adopt, but....."  There is always that "but" sneaking in-- if we let it.  That is the key.  What are we going to allow to dictate our life?  What we feel we should do, or what this world-- our culture-- tells us we should do?
Who are we going to follow, as the Bible asks us-- God or Man?

Watch the video below until the end.  It isn't very long.  Take his list challenge and see what your family comes up with.  How many "buts" are left on your why not list?

The orphans of this world are hoping there aren't many.

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