The Family

The Family

Monday, July 11, 2011

Simple Joy

It is getting close to two months since Gideon arrived home.  Two wonderful, special, fun and amazing months.  And I am not exaggerating.  I know usually there is a honeymoon period with adoptions.... kids behave their best for awhile and then all heck breaks loose and you wonder who this child really is.  But I don't think we are in for that with Gideon. He is simply a sweet, sweet boy.

He is really kind to all his siblings.
He especially loves to hang out with Evan and play soccer with Grayson.  He will give him a hug for absolutely no reason (and a noogie on the head while he is at it).  He and Schuyler tease eachother all the time, he plays cards and rides bikes and computer games with all of them till their hearts' content.

He is so obedient.
He always does what we ask of him, he is a better tidy-er upper than all the rest of my kids combined, he always remembers to wash his dish and dry it after meals, helps out with the family chores without complaint, and eats everything put in front of him.  (Found out more about that too-- but more on that later)

He has a good heart.
We found out tonight, again through our good friend Google Translate, that he did in fact receive the care package we sent him in China while he was waiting for us to come back and get him.  When my husband asked him where some of the items were and if they were up in his room he responded that he gave them to his friend for his birthday.  Can you imagine?  He had virtually nothing to call his own while he was there, and what little he had gifted to him by his new Mama and Baba, he chose to bestow on his friend.  Wow.

We have truly found a gem.  A gem that was hidden away for so long and only needed a chance.  He only needed something many of us take for granted-- a family-- so that he could shine.

Thank you Lord for our son.  Thank you for giving him to us so that we might love and cherish this amazing son who continues to delight us each day.  I only hope and pray that we can be as much of a delight to him.

We love you Gideon!

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