The Family

The Family

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Still Waiting

Good gracious!  I never would have imagined that on April 16th I would STILL be saying that we are continuing to wait to bring our son home!! 

As of this past week, I submitted to our agency yet another letter, this time from the local health department, stating that they are willing to treat Gideon's TB once he arrives home.  The CDC was not happy with our doctor's letter, even though the waiver only required a letter from a physician OR health department stating that they would be responsible for his treatment, so I set out to get them what they wanted and finally succeeded on Friday. 

Of course.  Friday.  Now it is the weekend, again, and we still wait.

Now, our agency tells us that HOPEFULLY the CDC will accept our letter because what they really want is a letter from the state health department, not the local one.  Oh my goodness, now I really am going to tear my hair out.

I mean come on!  I think we have every right to be getting frustrated now.  He has been being treated for non-active TB since Feb 1st, the TB specialist for NC has signed off that she will treat him, the local health department has signed off that they will treat him, his sputum tests and cultures are both negative, what more do they want??? 

Again, I beg of you all, please pray for Gideon and for our family.  Pray specifically that he can come home SOON.  We want him here, where he belongs, with his family who is longing for him to be home.  I can't even imagine what he is feeling or thinking, and I desperately want to see him again so he knows he is loved and not forgotten.  I can't wait for my husband to meet him, and for our other children to meet their new brother.  Poor Tim can't wait for him to be home. He said to me the other day that he feels like he is missing out on valuable time with his new son.  He wants him home NOW and so do I.

Pray that the CDC will approve this letter that we have sent so that the consulate can schedule our appointment.  Pray, pray, pray.

Thank you!

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  1. You should contact all of your Federal level elected political personnel and tell them your story. THEY should be able to get together and do SOMETHING to change this ridiculous rule so no one else has to go through the H*LL that your family and Gideon has had to live through.