The Family

The Family

Friday, April 22, 2011

An Easter Blessing!

Well Hallelujah!  We finally got what we needed! 

I made a call to our local congressman this past week to enlist his aid in getting our son.  I also called in favors to a few contacts we have had since this adoption began.  And somehow, finally today, we got the letter we needed from our STATE health department to give to the CDC!!

Our agency called us today to tell me that they had it and were sending it on to the CDC and to the consulate.  Hopefully it will get reviewed and approved quickly this next week and the consulate will contact our agency so that we can set up our appointment with them.  This will then determine our travel dates.  The consulate has said that they will work with us given that our situation is know well known throughout the powers-that-be in Guangzhou!  It seems like everyone has heard about what has happened.  Even random strangers I met in Guangzhou two days after all this happened knew of our son testing positive for TB and having to stay in China!  Incredible.

SO the consulate will try to squeeze us in wherever they can so we can "Git-R-Done!!" as Tim would say, and get our son home where he belongs!

With any luck I will be flying the friendly skies in two weeks or so, and then, BIG PARTY at the Rowe home!

Thanks to everyone for all the prayers.  Please keep praying that they WILL squeeze us in like we are hoping, and that of course I might travel safely there to get him and that both of us will get home safely too.

Just glad to be moving along now.  Finally!

Happy Easter!  Take time this weekend to remember all your family's blessings.  I know we will!


  1. Janice ~ This is FABULOUS news !!!!!!
    So happy for your family and for Gideon to finally come home!!
    Lisa Jordan
    Concord, NC

  2. Oh Janice!

    I am so happy to be reading your GREAT, FANTASTIC, AWESOME news!!!

    What a wonderful Easter Blessing to receive the letter you were needing!

    Love the newest little chicks too. :D

    Blessings and hugs -