The Family

The Family

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Here at our home today we are celebrating Easter by counting our blessings!  Oh sure, there were chocolate bunnies in the baskets and an Easter egg hunt in the front yard, but we are trying today to really focus and be thankful for all that God has given us.  Especially for a risen Savior who has given us the greatest blessing of all-- the hope of a life eternal with Him!

We are also celebrating the fact that soon I will be travelling back to China to bring our long awaited son HOME!  When I mentioned to the children that next year at Easter our 6th side chair will be filled at our table they broke out into a chorus of  "Yeah! Yeah!"  They want him here as much as Tim and I do.

And additionally we are celebrating the gift of life with another different kind of addition to our family.....

New baby chicks!!!!

We were not expecting to get more chickens, we already have 20!  But our sweet friend Vicky was giving them away to all the children after church today, so we have 5 more!  Tim sweetly set up the brooder pen, lamp and baby chick waterer in the garage again and they have settled in well.

So, we are hoping that everyone is enjoying their Easter day as much as we have!  Take a listen and watch the video to this great song below-- I Will Rise by Chris Tomlin.  I heard it on the way to church today and thought it was the perfect Easter song.  Enjoy!

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