The Family

The Family

Friday, August 6, 2010

No Regrets

We picked up our 3 eldest children from camp today-- it was entirely all too quiet and calm while they were gone!  They had a blast though, as I knew they would.  The camp is a wonderful Christian-run program sponsored by Florida College each year and it is always a great week of Bible study, reflection, friendship and fun!  My two older kids had attended this camp before, but this was our daughter Kierstyn's first time going and we were a little worried... thought she might be homesick or be uncomfortable because she didn't know many people.  But she did great!  I am so thankful to all the counselors who helped her ease right in and took care of all my kids for me.

She was a great example this week to remind me that sometimes you have to take a leap of faith.  You have to just jump right in and trust that God will be there to guide you... always... and that people will be there to support you.  Sometimes it might even be people you really don't know.

God doesn't want us to always take the easy way out.  What fun would life be if we were never presented with challenges?  We wouldn't ever have the opportunity to rise above and show our strength, our determination or our abilities! We would never get to test our mettle and see what we are really capable of. More importantly we would miss out on some amazing experiences along the way.  And I can assure you, there would also be a lot of what-ifs and regrets left for us to ponder later in life-- just because we were too afraid to take a chance.

What if Kierstyn had decided to let her fears and uncertainties get the better of her this past week?  What if she had turned-tail and run, choosing to head home rather than brave a week of camp?  She would have missed out on one of the greatest weeks of her summer, perhaps her life.  She would not have any of the new friends she made, or have any of the sweet memories she now has.  She would not have any of her new Biblical knowledge.  She would have defeated herself before she even began.

The same is true for anyone out there considering adoption, but still in the process of sorting out all the what-ifs.  Sure, there will be challenges-- but they can be overcome.  With prayer and support from others all things are possible.  Sometimes you have to take that leap of faith, especially in the case of special needs adoption.  There are lots of unknowns out there, and some just can't be answered until the future happens.  But if you feel yourself being lead in that direction, give it the opportunity to happen, give yourself the opportunity to make one of the best decisions of your life. Test your mettle, see what you're made of and what purpose God has for your life.  You might be surprised.

Our family had dinner at a Chinese buffet last night-- our last hurrah with only two kids in tow.  At the end of our meal we were handed our fortune cookies as we got ready to pay and immediately broke them open to read our papers inside.  Mine said "You are heading in the right direction".  As I read it I looked across the table at Tim who had this "ah-ha" look on his face, if but for a second.  Our daughter Georgia immediately said that I had to post that on here!  Not exactly a divine revelation but a timely confirmation at least, as we continue to ponder what is in store for our family with respect to adoption.

Who knows what He has in store for our lives, but I for one know that I don't want to have any regrets.  If that means following life's curvier path... then so be it.

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