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The Family

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Rowe-Made Desserts is Open for Business!

Ahhhh......the scent of Fall!  Crisp Autumn leaves drifting from the trees, cool evening breezes, campfires and s'mores, pumpkin spice and everything nice!

Can you smell it???    Well me neither, it is still around 90 here during the day!!  :)
But that doesn't mean that I am not craving Fall and all the comfort and homey feelings the season brings.  I am ready!

Well, if it is anything like here in your neck of the woods and Fall hasn't quite arrived yet, allow me to help and send you some scrumptious tastes of Autumn to put you in the mood...............

Walnut Pecan Bars

Just about the oooiest, gooiest, yummiest bite of Fall that you will ever taste!!

Chunks of walnuts and pecans layered over a creamy, buttery caramel sitting on top of a flaky buttery shortbread crust.  
Can you say YUM!?

This is seriously one of my favorite desserts ever.  It satisfies ALL of my cravings in one bite.  I love desserts with substance and texture and this one fits the bill!  The crunchy nuts, the sweet caramelly filling and the cookie like crust......
Well it is just PERFECTION!

Now, if nuts are not your thing, or you are just craving something a tad bit sweeter, a little smoother, let me introduce you to....

Pumpkin Nutella Fudge

Aaaah, fudge!  Take one bite of these golden little nuggets and you will see why each is a piece of heaven!
Not too pumpkin-y and laced with that glorious Nutella that we all love so much!
This fudge has all the flavors of Fall in one tiny bite-- it is creamy with undertones of vanilla and it will make you crave the crunch of those leaves underfoot and the holidays to come when you get a taste of that pumpkin spice blend sprinkled throughout.

So what say you?!  Are you ready for a little bite of something sweet and homemade?  AND ready to help a sweet teenage boy get home to his family at the same time???

Well here is what you have to do!

Place your order.....

One pound of fudge is $25 and $5 s&h
Ten Walnut Pecan Bars are $25 and $5 s&h

 Please make your payment to our You Caring site listed on the sidebar of this blog.  This way I can keep track of the payment for the orders more easily.


Send me an email to with details of your order and proof of your payment.
Make sure to include which item you want and how many orders of each AND the address for me to ship it to.

ALL orders for each week will ship the following Monday.
The first batch of orders will ship out on Monday September 23rd.

So come on!!  Place those orders!

Order a few for yourself, for the next-door neighbor, for the friend who needs a pick-me-up, for your kids' teachers.....
Everyone needs a little taste of Fall, and the fact that it is helping one more child find a home
makes it all a little sweeter.

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