The Family

The Family

Friday, September 13, 2013

A Symphony of LOVE

You know those times when you are so surprised, so overjoyed, that you just can't speak?  Those moments in life that truly take your breath away, humble you and just bring you to your knees?  Well this folks, is one of those moments.
We have been offered a $3700 matching grant!!!!
Yep!  You read that right!  $3700 is being donated by an anonymous angel to help us get Ianto home-  out of the trade school, off of the streets, and into the arms of his new Mom and Dad.  US!
Wow.  I mean really.  WOW.  Such generosity isn't found much anymore. 
And I will say it again, we are truly, deeply, humbled.
To think that someone would be so generous.  Someone who does not even know us.
But it is the love of the orphan that spurs people to move.  To donate.  To help.
But there is MORE folks!!  Can you believe?!?
Our amazing friend Julia has written a post all about it on her blog.  There is something amazing going on, a sweet interlude, a melody being sung, and all of you can play a part.  In her latest blog post entitled September Symphony she explains it all.  You have to go check it out!  It is spectacular!  Truly.
Julia is not only helping us fundraise, but she is helping THREE other families with precious children waiting across the ocean to get to their children as well.  All four of our families have matching grants!!  AND as if that were not enough, four precious orphans with no families yet have been offered $1000 matching grants as well!
I mean really......   How great is OUR GOD!?
SO you ask, what should you do??
It is simple really, go visit JULIA'S BLOG.  For a mere $5 donation to one of the families who are featured and another $5 donation to one of the individual children, you will be entered to win one of the largest collections of amazing prizes I have ever seen!!  An Ipad, an Ipad Mini, a $500 Visa gift card, a Cannon camera..... the list goes on and on! 
Five dollars might not seem like much, but to an adoptive family it is everything.  I can tell you that from prior experience!  And the beauty of it is, it all adds up!  Your $5 gets us one step closer, then another, then another, and before you know it..... all these kids waiting patiently for their Mamas and Papas are HOME!  Right where they belong.
We are so honored that Julia chose our family to be included in this amazing fundraising event.  Every little bit brings us closer to being fully funded. So let's
 get our boy home!
Won't you please help us meet this match?
Do you know how Ah-Mazing that would be to know we are fully funded?!  That the biggest, hugest obstacle of all has been moved out of our way?
All these hearts, full of the goodness of God, coming together in one beautiful melody, helping one another, helping these precious children to get home to their families.  It is beautiful music indeed.
Won't you please choose to be a part of the Symphony? 
And the simply AMAZING thing about it is........... are you ready??
Once our FSP hits $4924.00 the matching grant will be met and will be FULLY FUNDED!  
Yes!  You read that right.  Fully funded.
And, if you would like to read yet another beautiful post that Julia has written about our family and our inclusion in this giveaway go here.
Her loving kindness towards us is truly extraordinary.  We are blessed.
I tell you, when God asks you to step out and adopt, it is big and it is scary.  And the scariest part is always how and where will we get the funds?  But God and His people have provided each and every time, and we see now that this time is no exception.
We are so grateful. 


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