The Family

The Family

Monday, September 10, 2012

Still Fundraising For Our Adoption!

Still trying to fundraise like fiends!!  And we have ANOTHER MATCHING GRANT out there!  This time for $500!!  Every little dollar, five dollars, etc adds up BIG TIME!

People, you just make my heart melt.  Thank you for all the generosity, the support and the prayers!  We WILL make this work!  We WILL get these kids home.

If you are able to help, even the tiniest bit, please click on our FSP button on the top right of my blog. Or you can just click HERE. It will take you to the same donate button on Reece's Rainbow.  You can donate with Paypal or you can mail in a check with ROWE in the memo line.  Either way you will be helping us get our two beautiful teens home where they long to be.

Just look at these words from our precious girl who visited with us here in the US this summer and is anxiously waiting for us to fly over and bring her HOME.......

"Hello my family!
I miss you, I want to see Atticus and the others.
When I came to Ukraine I couldn`t sleep for two days. I performed on the first September.
I love you!
Love you as angel loves God
Love you as light loves dawn
Love you and I`m gonna love you forever
And you me…"

And this one..........

"Hello papa!
How are you? I miss you! I want to see you and the others very much! I love all of you! O love you VERY much! You are all very beautiful!
I love you!"

Just makes me want to cry.  We miss them both so very much.

So thank you, thank you, thank you to all those who have helped us continue along on this journey.  Time is short and as with most things, money is in high demand for everyone, so we appreciate you giving yours for the benefit of others.  We appreciate your generosity and your help so much!

We pray that our travel date is getting closer.  Pray with us that our financial need is met, that our kids are kept safe until our arrival and that it is SOON!!  

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