The Family

The Family

Thursday, September 27, 2012

At The Park...

While waiting for two of my older children who were at speech class, we decided to head to the nearby park, first to do some math with my two younger ones, but then to PLAY!!

It was a beautiful day here today!  Very warm and sunny, so we decided to take full advantage of the gorgeous weather.

Charlotte LOVED being able to climb up to all the fun stuff by herself because this park was equipped with a ramp!  Very cool!  And she adored the swings....  see for yourself  :)

Look Mom, I can walk up here all by myself!!

It isn't fun if you're not getting a little dirty right??  ;)

Ok, I'm ready... watch me FLY!

Such smiles and JOY!!

She really loved the swing... and climbing through the tunnel too.

Poor little man Atticus is still recovering from an ear infection, so he was not his usual happy self this afternoon.  Plus it was naptime.  But would you look at this hand-on-hip picture I got of him and that look he is giving me!!  ;)  
As if to say-- "no pictures today mom!"

After all this fun we were headed for home and a couple of much needed naps.  It was a great afternoon!

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