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The Family

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

More Pictures From Atticus's Birthday!

Well, better late than never.... isn't that what they say??  I just got around to uploading more pictures of Atticus's 2nd birthday party and realized that I had not shared any of that special day on here.  Needed to rectify that situation.  After all, it is only August 2nd, not quite a month has gone by yet right?

So, without further adieu, here is Mr Froggy man celebrating with all his friends!  It was quite a special day for us, the meaning of it all really hit home for me. His first birthday outside of the orphanage walls, and Lord willing, many more to come!

He LOVES balloons so this kept him entertained for quite a while!

Here is the birthday boy himself decked out in his Elmo shirt and all ready to Par-tay!

Our theme for this party was Sesame Street, so here are some pictures of the decor.  Mr Hooper's Store was on display with all the treats that the kids could choose for their goodie bags at the end of the party.

We used primary colors for the balloons and the decorations, and even went with the Sesame Street theme for the food!  Notice Dorothy, Elmo's goldfish, is the centerpiece of the buffet table.  :)

Cookie Monster cupcakes!!

But a little something healthy too to balance out all that sugar!

We had a few fun activities for the kids to do too like coloring, Sesame Street character tattoos, playdough, bubbles and toss the trash.  There was even an Elmo movie playing in the background.


Kierstyn helping the little ones cut out shapes from their "cookie dough"

Time for presents!!!!!!

Now time to hand out the goodie bag treats!!

We were so glad everyone could come to celebrate Atticus's special day!

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