The Family

The Family

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Beach Pictures!

Our family just returned from our annual week long vacation at the NJ shore with my husband's side of the family.  It was a lovely week with great weather, and it was Charlotte and Atticus's first time experiencing the  sand and waves at the ocean!  They both seemed to like it pretty well, scooping the sand up with the shovel or their fingers (and Atticus even eating a little), and splashing in the shallow areas of the water.

We got to take some fun pictures while we were there, so take a peek below!  Hope everyone is enjoying the last remaining days of their summer.  The time is fleeting, school starts back next Monday for my non-homeschooled ones here, and it all goes by just way too fast.

The wagon was great for transporting the little ones, and all our gear, to the beach!

My three eldest children!

Posing in front of the Avalon lifeguard boat

This picture cracks me up!  And it was so unintentional.

Just digging away!!

Sweet puggie little hand digging in the sand

There were MANY sandcastles to be made this week!

And then, the long-awaited nighttime shark fishing with Grander RH!  The boys were thrilled!

Time for some evening photos on the beach......

All my babies!

And posing with Nana Sherry and Grander RH...

Another fun week comes to an end.  Avalon, we were sorry to say goodbye, but we had a great time!
Thanks to the grandparents for a wonderful week at the shore!!

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