The Family

The Family

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Good Ole Summertime!

Summer is officially now here, but it started off with a bang for us back in early June.  First, Georgia's soccer team Galaxy won their championships!

Way to go girls!!  They had an amazing season, not losing one game and only tying one!  Congratulations!

Then....... Schuyler and Kierstyn's team did the same thing!!!

Woohoo!  All my soccer girls were champions this season!  Yeah girls!

Then we had Father's Day, which I never unfortunately got to dedicate an entire post to as I should have.  But it was a fun and relaxing day nonetheless, with Daddy/ Baba/ Papa surrounded by his 8 incredible blessings....

His Father's Day gift, with all 8 kids' handprints  :)

A hug from his girlie

Just love this one, albeit blurry... Charlotte reaching out wide to give her Papa a hug!  Melts my heart.

His Daddy's Day cake!

My sweet honey!  A great husband and daddy!

Next.... we were on to Georgia's birthday!!!  Big number 11!  She and I celebrated her special day by going out for breakfast together to the Sweet Pickle Bakery.  They serve amazing breakfasts and lunches, as well as creating some mouth-watering pastries and cakes!

The sweet birthday girl!!
Georgia and Mama out in front of Sweet Pickle!

Her birthday fell on a Wednesday, so that following weekend she got to have a sleepover with her friends, and might I add, some of the most wonderful girls I have ever met.  So thankful that ALL my kiddos are surrounded with such amazing friends!  It is easy to have a passle of kids over to your house when you love all of them!!  :)

All the friends... and of course Charlotte was in on the whole thing the entire night!  The girls were SO sweet with her!

Pizza, watermelon, cherry limeade and of course cupcakes, were on the menu!
Gotta get a crazy face picture too!

Caroline, Kilen and Georgia in the headbands Caroline made for them.  So sweet!
Adela and Georgia, bronze beauties!!  :)

That weekend, we also had some visitors come to see us.  Grandma and Grandpa stopped by before their long journey out west to see our beautiful 50 states!  Just in time for Georgia's birthday, and for their first meeting with Charlotte and Atticus as well!

The gang, minus Evan and Kierstyn who weren't feeling well that day.

We all got to go do some blackberry picking together too, one of our favorite things to do in the summer!

Ready for berries!!

Don't eat 'em all first!

Our harvest!!

And another fun thing that week...... baseball!!!!

The boys got to have a "boys' night out" and take in a game the evening of Georgia's sleepover.  Much more fun for them I think!  

So all in all, it has been a fun and relaxing summer filled with life's little pleasures.  Add in some sprinkler fun..

And some pool fun too.........

And some frozen yogurt....

And you've got just about the perfect summer!  So I hope you and your family are out enjoying life's little pleasures this summer.  Have a great one everybody, and try to stay cool!!!  

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  1. Janice I was blessed to be able to love on your Charlotte for close to 6 weeks while we were visiting Carrington. She melted my heart and stole my husband's. Would you please give her a big hug from Carrington's mommy and daddy? I also have pictures of when I visited your little guy in Nov. of 2011. He is such a yummy little guy! I love how you have Charlotte looking so girly!!