The Family

The Family

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Blog Is Back Open!

Hi Everyone, we're baaacccckkkk!  Sorry for everyone who was reading along that we didn't post our Gotcha Day or much of anything towards the end of our trip.  We had terrible wi-fi and it was really difficult to get through a post without losing the connection.

But we are HOME now with both of our children and they are doing so well!  They are both sweethearts and have adjusted to our high energy family better than I ever could have imagined.  We have been trying to settle them in slowly, but that has been difficult with all the soccer games, end of school running around, and church friends wanting to meet them of course!  But they have taken it all in stride, and we are feeling very blessed to have them as part of our family at last!

I do have many pictures to share and lots of info about our last days in Ukraine and our Gotcha Day too, and I promise I will get to posting that sometime very soon.  Just wanted to let you know we are all alive and well for now, and thank everyone for all the prayers said on our behalf throughout this whole journey.  Everything really went as well as could be possible while we were there and we are so grateful for that.  And grateful to be home, and parents now to EIGHT amazing blessings from God.

Here are a few pictures of our new babies since they have been home, and there are more to come soon, I promise!!!!  :)

Atticus all dressed up for his first appearance at church!

Charlotte on her way to church for the first time!!

Bible class!

Attending their first Sacred Selections fundraiser with Mommy  :)

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