The Family

The Family

Thursday, February 9, 2012

We Were Submitted!!!

Yeah!!  YEAH!!!!!!!   We are shouting from the rooftops here at the Rowe home!  Our dossier was submitted, again, to our children's country in Eastern Europe.  Praising God today and thanking all our friends and family for their prayers on our behalf!

We were one of seven families submitted today, and hopefully in a couple weeks we and these other families will have our appointment dates!  YAHOO!!  Then the fun really begins!

I have made list after list in the past couple months, I need to go find them all.  :)  I will need the general "packing" list, the nursery "must haves" list, the "baby things to bring" list, etc..... etc.

I am, by nature, a planner and this whole idea of having to wait until the last minute to put everything together because we don't know exactly when we are leaving is driving me crrrrrr-aaaaaa-zy!  I mean, I can't pack my suitcase because chances are I will need to wear those clothes sometime in the next couple of weeks.  And we can't buy our plane tickets because we don't know when we are leaving.  And we can't set up child care for our kiddos staying behind because of the same reason.

But, I am trying not to stress over it all too much.  I have confidence that things will fall into place when the time comes.  We have great friends who have asked many times how they could help-- and if you are one of those I am now placing you on high alert!  :)

I am just happy and thankful that we are finally to this stage in this process.  Do you realize that February 14th, Valentine's Day of 2011 was when we made the decision to commit to these children?  That will be a year ago this coming Tuesday.  Wow.

So, we are ready to go in all the important ways-- our hearts and minds are ready even if our suitcases are not.

Please keep on praying for our family.  Pray that the officials won't find anything wrong with our dossier and that they will approve us for travel QUICKLY!  Pray that we hear about an appointment date SOON.  Pray that we all stay healthy and that there are no more major bumps on this road to adoption.  And pray a prayer of THANKS to our Heavenly Father for getting us this far and guiding us along the entire way. 

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