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The Family

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Schuyler's 13th Birthday!!

Yesterday was Schuyler's 13th birthday!  She has now officially entered into teen-dom and she is VERY excited about it!  I for one, cannot believe that I am now the parent of THREE teenagers.  Wow that makes one feel old.  :)

A couple weeks ago we had her party with friends (pictures are posted below) and then yesterday it was her day with Mom-- out on the town for lunch and shopping and Starbucks!  We had such a nice time.  We don't get to do that often.  Actually she and I were trying to remember when the last time was that we had a day like that together, and it was a while ago.  That made it all the more special.

13 is a special year, and Schuyler truly is a special girl.  She is the "second Mommy" of the house.... ask anyone-- even her father!  She is the go-to girl if something is missing, she knows the ins and outs of running this household just as well as I do, and she wants it to function like a well oiled machine even MORE than I do!  :) 

She is an organizer, a planner, a take-charge kind of girl.  She strives for perfection more times than not (can you say Type A personality?) but when she falls short she just picks herself up and tries again rather than melting into a puddle. 

She got baptized a few years ago now which has developed such a maturity in her and a love for others.  She has a heart for the orphans just about as much as her mama does now, which of course makes me proud. 

She loves animals-- her kitten Henry and horses in particular-- knitting, reading and anything crafty.  She is also developing into one heck of a soccer player!

This momma, and her daddy, are very proud to call this sweet little one their baby, though she is not much of a baby anymore.

She is growing into a lovely young lady who, I pray, always keeps the Lord as the center of her life allowing Him to guide her path in this world.

Happy Birthday Schuyler Grace!!!

Check out the pictures below from her fun zebra themed birthday with friends, and her day out with Mom!!

Schuyler enjoyed her party with her friends so much! Some of them she had not seen in quite a while so it was great for her to be able to hang out with them again.

And what lovely gifts she received!  This Vera Weekender bag will be perfect for her trip to Eastern Europe with Mom and Dad, and the World Record book is perfect reading material for the loooooonnnng plane ride!

Here are some pictures below from her actual birthday and our mother-daughter outing!

We began the day opening gifts from Mom and Dad and taking some pictures with siblings.....

Schuyler loves ANYTHING with a peace sign on it!!

opening a present from Nana Sherry and RH.....

A lovely necklace and earring set, and a bracelet!

and watching Grayson making eggs  :)

Then it was out for the day with mom.  The location was a surprise.....

... it was lunch at the Cheesecake Factory!

After lunch the waitress brought this out!

Then they all sang to her too!

We walked around the mall for the rest of the afternoon, and when we arrived home we found these balloons waiting from Nana Sherry and RH!!

the girls had a tea party all set up and waiting for her.  How sweet!

The guest of honor's place was designated by the boa and balloon, and there was tea, plates of cookies and mints!

Complete with tea pots and place cards.

She has such sweet sisters!!

What a fun day we had celebrating.  You only become a teenager once!!

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  1. Happy Birthday!! You are a lovely young lady - always glad to see a kid your age make your family proud!!

    hugs - aus and co.